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Could you help me, please. I have the domain,, which is here on digital and configured with Cloudflare. But it turns out that he is having a redirect, it is possible to request that the cache be cleared so that it does not redirect anymore. and www for same resolve to an IP address managed by Akamai. You may want to contact them if there is a redirection happening.

Also currently a whois lookup is failing for that domain, though there is a DNS record cached… so you may want to contact your registrar as well.

Hello @cscharff

Thanks for the answer, but could you double check, I already adjusted the dns issue, but it still keeps redirecting. Check whois lookup.

The whois indicates that domain is not registered.

No match for domain "CADMYSTORE.COM".
>>> Last update of whois database: 2023-01-11T13:56:16Z <<

Print Whois.

I disabled the Cloudflare proxy and the redirect stopped happening.

You’ve misspelled your domain on this thread. Glad you have it sorted then.

Very sorry @cscharff

I checked here that I typed it wrong. But do you know how to report what might be happening with the domain that keeps redirecting when you activate the proxy?

Domain [Preformatted text](

I cannot see the symptom since you have paused Cloudflare.

Are you experiencing ERR TOO MANY REDIRECTS?


Answering the question, I don’t have the ERR TOO MANY REDIRECTS error.

I had disabled the proxy to verify and the redirect stopped. I activated it again so that you can see the redirection.

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Thanks. It looks like this domain may have been used with ClickFunnels in the past. You may achieve the quickest results by using Liberate The Hostname as referenced in the following Community #tutorial.

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