Domain is redirecting strangely on new cloudflare setup

Hi All,

I’ve been trying to get set up with cloudflare DNS for a website I’m moving to new different server for hours now and don’t know what’s going wrong.


my redirect (to a vps running nginx proxy manager and wordpress) seems to be partly working,
but only on not is redirecting to, which is also pointed at the same website at the moment, but not through cloudflare is leading to nginx proxy managers ‘not configured’ page. is working for the website right now. but was only there for testing and will be moved.

is this an SSL problem? is it even a cloudflare problem?

I set it up using cloudflare documentation and a youtube guide that referenced setting cloudflare up with nginx proxy manager in a similar set up. DNS A name is pointed at server IP address, as is the www A name. Both are ‘proxied’ no other A name records.

I’m sure there’s a simple explanation here somewhere, but I’m very lost.
Thanks for taking a look!

I’m not quite sure which one you are saying has the problem? or

For me, both are redirecting the same…

(from the headers, you can see those redirects are coming from your origin and not Cloudflare)

(the only different case is with redirects first to then


thanks for getting back to me.

It turns out my origin was indeed redirecting to for whatever reason.

the issue was that I didn’t want it to redirect and could find no reason in any of the configs I knew about.

Just shows I know nothing - the problem was in my Dockerized Wordpress installation config.

All better now!

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