Domain is redirecting ? Also there is an that my domain seems to be connected to but I am using Weebly

Transferred my domain from Namecheap and set up a site at squareup

  1. There seems to be a redirect from my apex domain to www
    and the first redirect is not secure

  2. Checking Cloudflare Radar url scanner I can see there are 677 external links from my site to advertisers, a securi site scan shows I have no links? Not even my pages ?

3, I keep seeing and proxy imports for

We now have 7 ssls

We have had major problems with the said domain from day one and we need to find out who set up the redirect, who is because squareup are saying they are nothing to do with them

I don’t know if someone else had already added my site to Cloudflare before I did as there were
Pages showing as out top pages of the week, that we had never created
Some that were unknown payment APIs that redirected to our website when it was at Wix