Domain is not working for cloudflare

Please tell me how to fix cloudflare not seeing my domain. It says that the domain is not registered when i try to add a site. I registered several domains yesterday. All of them work on cloudflare except
PLEASE someone report a bug
Why doesn’t it work? If it’s my fault, then why do all the other domains work, but this one doesn’t?

Ah, it looks like you got it working, as I see you’ve set Cloudflare name servers for that domain.

I set only at my domain’s provider. I can’t move to next step for cloudflare, because i can’t add a site

Your domain should not point to Cloudflare name servers until Cloudflare instructs you to do so. Please set it back to functioning name servers that has DNS records for your domain.

I added my other sites like this without problem. If i leave my original nameservers, they will be visible to internet and i don’t want like this. I want to use CDN like i already did for other domains. It will be visible for hackers if i will leave original nameservers

As I said, you’re not supposed to do that. Set it back to working DNS, even if that DNS has fake IP addresses for the site, such as

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