Domain is not secure no ssl

This site can’t provide a secure connection
This domain is not secure no ssl.
I tried multiple option after googling… no solution till yet…
I removed, added two or three times but getting same problem… no https working with my domain.

My domain is registered with Godaddy… and hosting via hostinger.
Properly placed DNS in godaddy…

Need solution hurry.

Was your site secure before you added it to Cloudflare? If not, then that’s the issue and you first need to talk to your host to secure your server first.

It seems to be added correctly to Cloudflare and it’s being proxied. The site works fine as well for me using TLS. This test confirms it’s working fine as well:
Perhaps your local cache is still interfering with it. Did you try to reboot your computer or try using another device?

That is not accurate I am afraid. The OP does not seem to have an SSL certificate on his server and hence has an insecure site.

@user3298, I would suggest you pause Cloudflare (Overview screen, bottom right) and then make sure your site loads fine on HTTPS. Once it does, you can unpause Cloudflare and it will work.

Interesting. I think OP is changing nameservers as we speak, as the site was working correctly for me a moment ago, also using TLS. Cloudflare nameservers were also enabled for me:

$ dig ns +short

But now they seem to be returned again to:

$ dig ns +short

Also on other locations.

That is not unusual :slight_smile:

While not necessary (pausing should be enough), it’s certainly also a way to work out the security issue with the host.

@user3298, leave it as it is, contact your host to get the site properly secured, and once that works, you can re-add it to Cloudflare.

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