Domain is not routing properly

We moved our domain from Hubspot to a Wordpress site on VPS Bluehost 10 days ago. This goes to the new site on Bluehost: but this still goes to Hubspot:

The registrar nameservers are Cloudflare. Cloudflare shows 2 A records: and both point to the Bluehost server IP, and a www CNAME record points to

I had to create a redirect on Hubspot to Bluehost. Any idea why the www domain would still point to Hubspot?

Hi @bdailey
You can update your DNS records in the DNS tab of your Cloudflare Dashboard.

Please check this article for more details and make sure you are pointing your records properly: Managing DNS records in Cloudflare – Cloudflare Help Center

Make a page rule via your cloudflare dashboard

Thanks, Sonia. It looks like DNS is set up correctly. There are two A records that point to the server and one www CNAME record that points to the domain. The problem seems to be that the old server address is cached somewhere.

Thanks, William. I did that in Hubspot and it seems to be working, but I suppose it would be better to do it in Cloudflare. But I’m trying to figure out why the www domain points to the old address in the first place and fix that.