Domain is not responding today. But it was OK some days ago

DNS are correct. But has happened error. How to fix it?

The community cannot help you without more information, the exact error you get and the URL it happens on, if you can share it, would be a good start.

My domain
www lamod click

I’ve connected DNS 3 weeks already but today i got error. No DNS. Domain is not responding
I have checked domoain with Misk com

No Dns Records
[Authoritative Nameservers]
ns1.uniregistry net
ns2.uniregistry info
ns3.uniregistry net
ns4.uniregistry info

Error that I got
This site can’t be reached. Check you Internet Connection

$ whois
Domain Name:
Domain Status: serverHold
A ‘ServerHold’ status is an Extensible Provisioning Protocol (EPP), also known as domain name status code. It is set by the domain’s registry operator and indicates that action is required to resolve an issue with the registration. Your domain will not be active in the DNS while set to this status code.

Contact your registrar, Namecheap. Something seems to be wrong with your domain, maybe payment failure or something like that. Either way, it won’t resolve until that is fixed.

I can see that if not for that issue, your domain seems to have the nameservers set correctly at the whois level, and they respond with Cloudflare’s IPs, so once you get that resolved, should be back in action.

Yeap. You are right.
Namecheap fixed it. I don’t know why did it happen but something on their side.
Thanks, man. Good luck!

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