Domain is not registered error


I am getting attached error when setting up the domain (Add site) option. Please can you guide?

Please refer attached image.

Please can you guide?

It looks like your site is already on Cloudflare:

–> whois | grep "Name Server"

All set now?

The NS is set through admin account.
Now I am trying to ‘Add site’ with this domain But getting attached error.

And you set them to Cloudflare. Who told you to do that?

Usually we follow below process,

The first step to register domain and set NS through admin account is done by my senior who is having access to admin account.

And in second step, I will add site and set DNS for the domain.

It sounds like you changed name servers without Cloudlfare’s permission. That’s why it’s not working.

The NS which we set to our domains are below, and same is set to this domain
Name Server: CHASE.NS.Cloudflare COM
Name Server: MACY.NS.Cloudflare COM

Please can you guide on how to resolve the same?

Sure. Don’t set Cloudflare name servers until Cloudflare assigns them to your domain. Change them back to what they were before.

Ok, let me try doing this. I will get back to you soon.

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