Domain is not redirecting to our social media page

Our domain is not redirecting to our social media page. We double checked the rules and all other information.

Any all help would be greatly appreciated

  1. Domain?

  2. What does your current configuration look like?

I have another Domain that is owned by another organization and was able to redirect that domain to the Facebook page, but my current one is not doing it.

What do you mean by configuration?

@DarkDeviL is looking for the actual domain name and the specifics on how you have set up the redirect in your Cloudflare account.

Are you using a Page Rule or Redirect Rule?
Is the hostname :orange: proxied?

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I believe that it is Page Rule. I tried to mirror what I have on the other domain. The only difference is the who we pay for the domain through.

Can you share the domain name and a screenshot of your Page Rule?

Thanks for sharing. Your domain is redirecting me to the Facebook page address that you shared, but Facebook is loading a message implying that the page has been removed or is address is wrong. The same Facebook message is presented when I use the Facebook link or your domain.

So what is the fix/work around? I am at a loss.

It happened when we switch over from Site Ground over to Cloudflare as the folks we pay our yearly fee for the domain. It is only effecting the redirect and not our email system.

Figure out what is wrong with the Facebook address that you are redirecting to. You need to update the redirect to use a working Facebook address.

Well damn. I will be a monkey’s uncle. That worked.

Thank you for your help

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