Domain is not a registered domain (Code: 1049)

Dear Cloudflare community,

I am trying to register my domain:
I have read other posts about this and I checked the following sites:

%% This is the NIC Chile Whois server (
%% Rights restricted by copyright.
%% REMOVED because new user

Domain name:
Registrant name: Gabriel De La Parra
Registrant organisation:
Registrar name: NIC Chile
Registrar URL: REMOVED because new user
Creation date: 2018-07-24 22:57:33 CLST
Expiration date: 2020-07-24 22:57:33 CLST

%% For communication with domain contacts please use website.
%% REMOVED because new user
TimeStamp :
LookupServerv2 62ms

Depth : 1
ServerName :
ServerIP :
Authoritative : AUTH
ElapsedTime : 62 ms
Result : Received 1 Referrals , rcode=NAME_ERROR
Question :
Answers : cl. 900 IN SOA serial=2018110924,

I understand that the name is registered, but I am not sure why I am not being able to add this domain.

Thanks for your support.

I’m getting the same error when I tested that domain. You will have to open a Support Ticket:

Dear sdayman,

Thank you very much for your support. Will do as adviced.

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