Domain is locked to any and all updates at this time (Code: 10000)

Hi, I’m having the same issue as posted here: How do I view open support tickets? I noticed the redirect URL shows my old email and says invalid.

The main issue, is I can’t unlock a domain, it shows this error: “Domain is locked to any and all updates at this time (Code: 10000)” any suggestions?

Can you please email [email protected] from your account email requesting an email sync with Zendesk? When you get an autoresponse with a ticket number, please post that here.

@domjh ticket number is this: #2416393

I think my email is not linked up properly (old email) so I can’t get replies.

Thank you, I’ve escalated that ticket and noted the issue with your email and support.

This should be resolved now.

I still have the same issue with the domain.

Sorry, I was referring to your issue with accessing support, you should be able to log into the support portal to get this addressed now - your account email has been re-synced with Zendesk. You will need to address the domain issue with the Registrar Support Team.

Thank you for clarifying. It’s still not working, {redacted}

If you go directly to and click Sign in in the top right, does the same thing happen?

Yes, exactly the sane {redacted}

Alright, thanks for confirming that. I’ll update the escalation and see if someone can track down the issue here.

Hi there @david132,

Sorry to hear you are having issues.
Are you trying to log in with {redacted}?
It seems that your browser still might have a cookie stored for the other account and it’s causing that behavior.
Can you try to log in with {redacted} on an incognito tab or perhaps other browser and let us know the outcome please?

Thank you.

Yes, here is a video so you can see: {redacted}

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