Domain is "locked" due to open bill in unknown account

Hello, I am trying to assist my customer by consolidating all ~40 domains of theirs onto Cloudflare.

One of the domains, when I tried to add it, produced an error message:

“Refer to for assistance. The zone you are trying to upgrade is marked as Do Not Upgrade. (Code: 1315)”

I sent a note to support, and their answer was that apparently that domain had been associated with another account that has an overdue invoice.

My client has no recollection of any other account that could be associated with this old invoice, but because we’re in a rush is fine just paying whatever invoice is open, which I told support.

Is there anyone who can help expedite this? I just want to take care of this asap because we’ve now been stuck waiting for 10 days on getting this domain set up.

Ticket ID: #3243950

Thank you

Thank you! We will get back to you on the ticket.