Domain is locked and unable to transfer

Open tickets trying to resolve this issue #12017826, #12577348, #12815759

My domain has been locked from being able to generate a transfer code. When I try to unlock it gives me error code 10000 and when I check ICANN records it says Cloudflare has CLIENTTRANSFERPROHIBITED and CLIENTHOLD codes on the registrar info.

Ive been trying to get this resolved since June. Please help get this done.

These all look like Trust & Safety ticket numbers to me. No one here in the community or in support can see or act on these. Unfortunately T&S are the only people who can assist you here and you can only follow up with them.

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Still, either way, nothing has been or is being done to resolve this. How exactly do I get an actual, REAL response from trust and safety? Its like all responses are from robots offering ideas that they havent even checked. Its been MONTHS with NO PROGRESS

You clearly already have multiple tickets about this so there’s nothing we can offer here. If you follow up directly with them then the answer you get is all you will receive. I understand your frustration but nothing we can do here will help your case in any way.