Domain is down

Hello I have the domain I have removed it from cloudflare only from the dashboard and not by changing the name servers. That was before three weeks. The domain was working fine but before two days all the services with this domain are down (website, mail…etc). What should I do, do I need to remove cloudflare name servers from the hosting provider, or can I add the domain again to cloudflare (I have tried to do so but cloudflare doesn’t show any DNS records). Let me know please.

Well, of course it will stop working if you remove it from Cloudflare. What did you expect?

What you should do is something only you can answer. Do you still want to use Cloudflare or not? If not, simply fix the nameservers. If you want to use it you need to sign it up again.

Thanks for your reply. If I want to proceed using cloudflare and I don’t have DNS records, how can I do that.

You could try to readd it in your Cloudflare dashboard, then it might work again, though you might have to set up everything from scratch.

If it does not work you might have a mismatch with nameservers, in which case you will have to first switch the nameservers to something else (which however needs to answer for your domain) and only then can start again on Cloudflare.

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