Domain is bugged out


I really don’t think this is something the community can help with and have already tried to submit a ticket with no luck as I was turned away and told to post on the community. Essentially my domain expired and the auto-renewal bugged out (I believe) and now it says it’s my domain yet it has expired but I have been charged the renewal fee and it’s nameservers are not updating in the dashboard.

Can someone please reach out and assist me with this or refund the money as I have not been provided the service.

Can you send the ticket ID? You’re right it isn’t something the community can help with however the MVPs here can escelate it

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Hi Walshy,
Thanks for your response. The ticket ID is #2237260

Hi @liam.wells,

As @Walshy said, I can escalate this here, it will most likely be Monday PST that you get a first response due to where the billing & registrar teams are.

Registrar is one of the topics that should let tickets through, so can you try replying back to the auto-response and see if it reopens? Also tagging #HBFeedback on this, as it shouldn’t have been deflected - cc @cloonan.


Hi @domjh,

Thanks, I have responded to the ticket however it just gets rejected by the bot and then the ticket is marked as resolved. I will await a response from the billing & registrar team.

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I reopened the ticket and have escalated it, so one of our team members can reply to you as soon as possible.



I am still waiting to get support. Someone picked it up but has not helped and is now unresponsive to my messages. From a ticketing perspective this is incredibly disappointing and whilst I only have two of my domains with Cloudflare registrar I was planning on upgrading one of my domains to a premium plan but if this is the quality of support I think I may change service providers outright as this is ridiculous.

Where can I direct complaints and/or request compensation for the domain that has been inactive due to an issue with your system?


Sorry that this has not been replied to at this time. I have reached out directly to our team and requested that they reply to you asap.


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