Domain IPS TAG dance!

Hello, i have a domain that im trying to transfer from 123 reg to the Cloudflare Registrar, 123 reg says that they have released the IPS TAG but because it’s a Handshake process the tag wont change till CF accepts the domain. Cloudflare doesnt seem to think that the domain is being transferred. Nominet tell me that 123 reg haven’t released the tag yet. 123Reg tell me they have and I’m just going round in circles?

Any ideas please?

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What is the domain?

The instructions for UK are here:

Cloudflare should automatically complete it once the IPS tag is updated, as long as you follow the advice on that page and complete checkout at Cloudflare before requesting the change.

Nominet are the authority here so if they are saying that, I’d generally go with them.

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