Domain IP resolving

I’m working on an ecommerce platform, but I’m not able to scale and I was wondering if any one knows how, for example, the Shopify DNS works.

On their documentation every new domain that is pointed to their system are all pointed to the same IP address but when you ping the domain it has a different IP. What I am wondering is how does that work?

I currently have 2 servers and I don’t want to ask my clients to change IP addresses or for myself to build a script that chooses which server they should point to.

I apologise this isn’t to in-depth but I’ve been digging around for a couple of weeks now and I can’t quite find an answer that helps. I might be able to elaborate if anyone has any queries or suggestions.

You’d have to ask Shopify about this. They run the show, and all Shopify users are allowed to do is add DNS records to whoever hosts their domain’s DNS.

Thank you for replying, I was hoping that someone had dabbled in a similar system to this. I know people add DNS records but I’m just curious how 1 IP can be used for an entire network unless it was just a public IP that routed the domains to a specific server. That may even be the solution, be it very generalised.

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