Domain IP Not appearing in DNS Checker

I have pointed my domain to the IP address via A Record and although the site is visible but the on DNS checker, the ip address does not appear

Can someone please advise

What is the domain? It should respond with a cf ip address to obscure your actual IP. The DNS A record value should be your actual IP address. But, let’s start with your domain name and go from there.

My domain is raysahDotCom

Thank you.

Where does it not appear that you are expecting it to appear?

When I visit the site I get an error page that is directly from your origin server, not cloudflare related.

Im having a developer build a site for me and Im trying to point my domain my to their IP address (, created A Record to point to that IP but they cant see their sever on the when they check on DNS checker, hence unable to upload the site and I think i found where the issue is, if i switch to DNS instead proxied it works and i dont want to do that as there is a security risk. Is there a way round this?

That is the intended behaviour, we mask the origin IP and show a cloudlfare IP. If you switch from :orange: to :grey: (proxied to not proxied) then the origin IP is exposed.

I am guessing that I understood that correctly for the above explanation, but correct me if I did not. I assume it means they cannot see their server IP on a DNS check but are getting some cf IP like
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Im fairly new to Cloudflare but i have managed and developed sites in the past. They are using DNS checker to view their IP address and they cant for some reason and i think i figured out reading other posts, had to change to SSL/TLS to full which redirects to the site they are building and hopefully they can see the server IP in DNS checker

Actually, hopefully not. The IP of the origin server is intentionally hidden to protect your site from attacks. Best practice once you are set up is to ask your hosting provider to rotate your IP to a new IP, that way it does not show up in history on sites like


Thanks, will do

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