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How do I find my domain ip address

That’s something to get from your hosting provider.

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What is my IP address of my domain?

Hi George, my friend.
Can you please tell me who my hosting provider is, and what is cloudflare doing for us?

Cloudflare is not usually your host. Cloudflare normally sits between your visitors and your host.


Dear Community,

How can I find my origin server?

Review the DNS records and determine who owns the IP or hostname of your origin server.


The IPs that you need to look up are the ones found in your Cloudflare dashboard DNS app. The ones returned by DNS queries will be Cloudflare IPs and will not help you identify your host.


You appear to have added your domain to a Cloudflare account when it was previously in another Cloudflare account, rendering all of those IPs in your dashboard Cloudflare IPs. You will need to use different means of identifying your host. You may want to start with reviewing your bills. If your hosting is billed monthly, it shouldn’t take to long to identify. If you paid for an annual or longer term, it may take a longer time to find the corresponding bill.

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Dear Support,
Thank you. You are correct. The user who used to take care of our website, is no longer with us. So we had to create a new account then add our website to new account.
So please tell me what ever we need to do to figure this out, please.
Thank you again.

Only you will be able to find the answer.

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Ok thank you.

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