Domain Ip address and location to resolve from specific country

I have a domain, when i search for WHOIS the ip address and location shows California - San Jose - Cloudflare Inc. I need to resolve the location to be only in india location, how can i configure this?

Cloudflare is an Anycast Network, and you will be routed to the closest available Cloudflare Location:

The whois location can be ignored. Anycast IPs are announced from every location, but whois still needs a single location to be put down.

You can see which location you hit by using the special path /cdn-cgi/trace, like, replacing with your actual domain name. The colo=ABC is the airport code of the datacenter. That is, if you hit colo=BOM, you’d be hitting Cloudflare’s datacenter in Mumbai, India.

Outside of bringing your own IPs to Cloudflare, which is enterprise, you’re not going to be able to get whois to show India. There’s a few myths about whois/IP location impacting SEO, but you can easily find on Google that it’s not true, if that’s why you’re asking.


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