Domain info can't be found, diagnostic failed everything

When I try to add my domain,, which is hosted through freenom, it fails, saying the following message: Failed to lookup registrar and hosting information of at this time. Please contact Cloudflare Support or try again later. My other domain, does work, and is hosted the same way, please help!

Not much is resolving for that domain. No “A” records for the domain or ‘www’, and the NS record hasn’t fully propagated.


Ok, so does that mean that I just have to wait a bit, perhaps try again tomorrow?

… Failed to lookup registrar and hosting information …

The message you provide is usually given by services like Whois.

Freenom does not provide information about the domains: .tk, .ml, .ga, .gq and .cf, this information is anonymous and hidden :slight_smile:

Use checkers to check DNS :slight_smile:

However, you have already been prompted, the service on the screen is higher -

Alrighty, one more location has popped up since sdayman checked, so from that, I’m assuming that it should be closer, if not finished, by tomorrow morning. Thanks for the info guys!

Alright, it ended up working, thanks for the help! But now I have a new problem, since the other domain is intended for a mobile-friendly site, since it’s a seprate domain, I can’t seem to figure out any way to redirect mobile users to it yet, is that possible within cloudflare or do I need a server side solution to that?

You can do a double-redirect:

  1. Create a subdomain in DomainA, like
  2. In the speed->optimization section of DomainA, you can mobile redirect domainA to its ‘m’ subdomain.
  3. Create a Page Rule in DomainA to match* and add a Forwarding URL (301) to DomainB.

Ok, I did all that, and it seems to work when I directly go to it does redirect me to, and it works on my phone, it does mobile redirect, but is there any way to make it still show after it redirects?

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