Domain incorrectly registered with Cloudflare and is now offline

Domain appears to be registered with cloudflare but not to my account, and I am the admin for the domain. The DNS Records are being blocked by cloudflare and I cannot edit them - please help

That domain cannot be registered with Cloudflare, as Cloudflare does not support at this point.

What that domain could be is having been added to a Cloudflare account for use of their core service. That actually seems to be the case and the domain has been added to a Cloudflare account with the nameservers rudy and nina, however the domain itself has not been updated and does not point to these nameservers, hence it is not using Cloudflare.

If you want to change the nameservers but cant do so, you will need to contact the registrar in question.

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The nameservers for the site are now pointing correctly, as I am the registrar for them, but still cannot join the domain to my cloudflare account

Pointing correctly to your own nameservers, not Cloudflare. If aforementioned account with aforementioned nameservers is yours, you need to set the nameservers to those instead.

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