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Hi there, as the title said, I have been trying to get my domain artechip(dot)net to be re-categorized correctly.

Currently on Cloudflare radar, it’s marked as “Parked & For Sale Domains”.

While this incorrect categorization hasn’t cause me trouble yet, but I do hope to get it categorized as “Content-Server”, “File Sharing”, and “APIs”. (Because I hosted multiple kind of servers under the hood, but currently for private community only).

Oh and I have actually submitted a ticket to Cloudflare support (Billing/Registrar category), but the ticket returned as wrong category selected. The support person responded I should open a ticket on Technical support. However, I can’t do that because free Cloudflare plan users can open ticket on billing, account, and registrar issues only!

Thanks for flagging this issue! Please note that the “Parked and For Sale” category has been removed and the domain is currently Uncategorised. For similar issues in the future, you can easily request a change of category in a few different ways. Please see: Change categorization · Cloudflare Security Center docs for further details.

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