Domain inactive in Pages , DNS is Properelly configured

I want to map my subdomain to my pages project.

CAA records are Perfect .

subdomain is properly mapped to CNAME of my pages,

but iam getting Inactive (Error) in my custom domins tab.

When i try to check dns propogation with dnschecker for my subdomain it shows empty results.

Any one help me with this.

What’s the domain?

app. veeranfashions. com

@WalshyMVP can you help me with this ?

does all my dns are correct ?

Please be patient, I was looking at it and also had other work things to do :slight_smile:

Your domain is unfortunately blocked, you will need to contact our Trust & Safety team to appeal that. Please send an email over to [email protected]

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i have emailed , next what i have to do

Wait for them to respond :slight_smile:


I got this email reply

My domain is again Active from 28 May 2023.

I also reconfigured my domain at cloudflare

Still i cant use my subdomain in Cloudflare Pages.

Mailed [email protected] with the domain details and waited for a week , They solved the issue.

Thank you @Walshy .

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