Domain in pending state and no DSN

I’ve added a new domain some hours ago status is ‘Pending Nameserver Update’.
I’ve switched DNS to cloudflare’s one, but after propagation, DNS stopped to resolve.
So I’ve reverted to original DNS servers.
Any advice on how to proceed? DNS


The domain is currently not using Cloudflare, but it presumably never was. You probably only added NS entries to your host, instead of changing the nameservers at your registrar. You need to do the latter.

Thanks for the reply.
Currently I switched back because, after moving DNS to cloudlfare hosts at registrar, DNS resolution stopped working

Which nameservers did Cloudflare assign?


Domain should work fine with that setup. Can you change nameservers now?

Sorry, not now.
How did you checked that now is propagated?

It’s not a propagation issue. Your Cloudflare setup seems to be all right and if you change the nameservers as instructed in the setup guide, it should actually work.

Ok all is working. Thanks for the support.

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