Domain in cloudflare not resolving to correct server

A couple of days ago I added the domain to Cloudflare, pointed it to the ip its supposed to talk to 149.x.x.x and gave it the usual 24-48hrs to pop in…

A couple of days later, if I ping the domain its pointing to which appears to be an internal ip address form Cloudflare, which is ok because they are protecting the server… but when I go to it via a browser it takes me to the typical bumper page from Cloudflare stating the server is not responding. If I go to the ip address i need the domain to point to, the nginx welcome screen shows up…;

So I don’t understand why its note working and would like a different pair of eyes to take a look if possible.

I also wanted to add, I have already flushed my dns, tried from other networks outside of the office and home, and I get the same result.

It does resolve to the right address, but your server appears to be down.

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But it’s not.if you go straight to the IP, the server is up… in fact a lot of things work from the server’s view point:

Just not the domain…

Your Cloudflare account is configured for HTTPS and your server does not respond on port 443 →

You need to enable HTTPS on your server and configure a proper certificate.

You were right. Now it works… I didnt see the always switch to https being on…

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