Domain in 2 CF accounts|

Hello Team,

I have added a domain to my new cloudfare account ([email protected]) a free account.

But the domain was previously added to a CF enterprise account by another provider.
They said that they have already removed the domain from their account.

The issue is when I am turning on DNS proxy in my new account, it is fetching DNS from old CF account and loading the website from old server.

Can someone help with this to remove the domain completly from all the other accounts/Cloudflare network except from the account hostwelltechnologies?

There is no propagation delay, this was done before2-3 weeks, everything is propagated.

When proxy is off, domain is routing through my Cloudflare account(hostwelltechnologies) and pointing to the new server.

Please suggest a fix on this.

It might be that Cloudflare for SaaS was employed in the previous account which would have a higher hostname priority. If that is the case, it can be resolved using Liberate The Hostname.

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