Domain/hostname is still invalid

here the screenshot of the DNS zone in cloudflare. I thought I followed all the instructions written in cloudflare workers but it still doesn’t work. I changed the DNS server for 8 days.

Kindly, first try to remove CNAME for www and add an A www and point it to the desired IP origin.
Also make the CNAME _domainconnect from orange clouds (:orange:) to grey (:grey: ).

I see DNSSEC is “enabled”, which could be a possible to consider if there are some issues as the domain is recently added to Cloudflare.
Did it have had DNSSEC before it was moved to Cloudflare?

And, why does the Website point to the Cloudflare IP address ( if I see good from the screenshot?
Are you using serverless or Workers so it is, or could be a missunderstanding while adding the domain to the Cloudflare?
The IP address should be your Web server / origin where the content is hosted.

thanks for your quick reply. I haven’t any web server. That’s why I didn’t known what to fill for the IP address. It’s a static website. So I wanted to use Cloudflare as a hosting server and a CDN.

DNSSEC was enabled automatically previously by Google when I bought the domain (through Google Domain). That’s why I enabled it with Cloudflare. I will disable it.

Well, that is not possible. Cloudflare does not host your files.
In that case, you can try out BunnyCDN or any other.

Also, when visiting - gives Cloudflare error 526. Invalid SSL certificate.
What options have you got under “SSL”? Flexible or Full or some other?
Is your Website hosted on a something like Firebase or GitHub pages?

More about fixing SSL issue here:

In case of DNSSEC, before you have switched to Cloudflare, you should consider turning of the DNSSEC.

Moreover, testing the DNSSEC gives error - you do not have CloudFlare value for DS at your domain registar added (but having the DNSSEC enabled in the Cloudflare dashboard):

I started to develop in localhost and publish online in a Firebase hosting project (so I have an IP for that one). But the Time To First Byte was too high that’s why I wanted to “host” my static files on a CDN

Regarding the Firebase and Cloudflare, you should have multiple A records with @ and www pointed to Firebase IP addresses (I believe two of them) which would get you:

A IP_address_one
A IP_address_two


A IP_address_one
A IP_address_two
A IP_address_one
A IP_address_two

And make sure to have orange clouds (:orange:) to all of the A and/or CNAME records.

Also to consider, Firebase - you should also have one or two records due to the Google Firebase SSL CA - SSL certificate provisioning.

Maybe you have to wait for 24 hours, read more about it here:

Direct link for Cloudflare setup here - that’s why you could have Error 526 for Invalid SSL certificate, also maybe due to the wront SSL option “checked” (should be Full or Full Strict in the case):

Moreover, due to the WWW problem, could be about the redirects setup on the Firebase hosting, here:

As far as we I can help, kindly check your DNS records added in the Cloudflare dashboard firstly, then check for the SSL.

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I just have a look at the google domain DNS (the two screenshots). It looks like Google delete all the records the domain had. All was properly setup (SSL / redirection www @ http https …) and after I replace the Google DNS server by the Cloudflare DNS server, Google reset all the records

A IP_address_one
A IP_address_two

yes that was this setup, with the IP address provided Google into the Firebase Project. But deleted by Google who dislike I go to Cloudflare to test their CDN haha.

(I was looking for a CDN mainly in France / Europe which a server response < 20-30ms)

thank you for all your precise answers.

to be sure I have well understand: the files have to be hosted by Firebase hosting and Cloudflare will automatically get them to push to its CDN ? So it means I should update files only on Firebase, not on Cloudflare. (Because for now, I push some files releases on Firebase and some others to Cloudflare (through the Wrangler command line)

Yes, exactly. You cannot upload files to Cloudflare.
You upload and change, and host files on Firebase (via command line or else way).
Cloudflare will catch your files and keep them at the edge location for considered amount of time regarding the cache setup in the Cloudflare dashboard.

Now you mentioned Wrangler, and I am not sure about it if I am writing the correct answer as I have not yet used Wrangler CLI.

Kindly, be patient and wait for the soon reply of someone who is more experienced with it.

got it. thanks for all your explanations. i will start to set again my previous DNS configuration (before Google deleted it) to point the website on Firebase hosting and make the link between the domain and cloudflare through the DNS server. And thanks for the European CDN rabbit. it looks like what I was looking for: a European company, store static files, CDN with response < 30ms (thats what they announce)

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