Domain hosted via dnslink + ipfs. browser cache control?

I just started using 𝔠loudflare’s ipfs hosting for domains and it was working well until I published an update to the content. The txt records have been updated and when I query them they appear correct. When I go to the site with my browser, however, it continues to show the old version. I see in the browser’s dev tools that the page has been cached to disk with cache-control: max-age=86400, (24 hours).

To prevent this I tried changing the browser cache control for the domain to 5 minutes but this isn’t reflected. I disabled the browser cache in the dev tools so I can get the fresh page from the server and yet the header still says cache-control: max-age=86400.

Is this something I can fix or am I going to have to leave 𝔠loudflare?

Currently it is not possible to change the Cache-Control headers (or anything else) for IPFS requests.

Disabling your browser’s cache will not change the cache-control header received from the server, nor will it change Cloudflare’s cache behaviour.

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