Domain hosted on Groove not listed in my account

I have a domain that I purchased on namecheap. I built the website for it on Groove and it is hosted through them. If my understanding is correct, that means it is hosted/protected through Cloudflare as well.

I am trying to get the site verified in Google Search Console. Google gave me a new DNS record that I am supposed to add to this domain in my Cloudflare account. However, when I log into my account, this domain/site is not listed under my active sites. There are 2 others but not this one - nor is the other website I have hosted through Groove.

Where do I find this domain/site so that I can finish Google’s verification process.

Thank you for your help in sorting out this matter.

is your domain still using Cloudflare Nameservers ? If Your Websites uses Cloudflare Nameservers it will surely list there .

What’s the domain ?


Thank you for asking.

Without know your domain name, it sounds to me like Groove is your SaaS integrator of Cloudflare for your domain name.

In this case, kindly I’d suggest you to contact your hosting provide/SaaS integrator Groove about managing DNS records and ask them and provide them to add a new one for your domain name as Google instructed you to verify your domain on Google Search Console via a TXT record (if you cannot).

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