Domain hosted in Cloudflare registrar with wrong nameserver


This happened the other day, as I reported in this other post, but now I didn’t delete the site, I just changed the records and it happened again.

Nameservers crash at these values:

Old nameservers:


New name servers:


Does support detect this type of problem automatically or do I always need to come here to ask for help?


Which records did you change?

This is a new problem, so the more reports they get, they’ll be able to figure out the root cause and fix it.

As a Registrar customer, you can open tickets. Community won’t be able to fix this, so opening tickets is the best approach.



Whenever I open a ticket, the system closes automatically, asking me to come to the community

I’ll keep trying to open a ticket, thanks for your help

I opened a ticket to register it and they resolved it, thank you


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