Domain host doesn't support dns entry, it asks for nameservers

My domain name host asks for nameservers, and I do not have a web host. I want to host my site in blogger. So initially I added the name servers to Cloudflare’s name servers (june and lee respectively) before adding the site to Cloudflare. My domain name host has accepted the nameservers but Cloudflare still does not recognize my domain. What should I do?

Do you mean registrar, considering you want to host with Blogger?!

I presume you want to use Cloudflare, so you would neet to specify the two nameservers Cloudflare provided when you added the domain.

Yes, exactly. My registrar is asking for two name servers before the domain gets activated. So I have added the two Cloudflare nameservers. They have accepted the nameservers but Cloudflare says domain is not registered when i try to add the site in Cloudflare.

What is the domain?

The domain exists but is marked as inactive, presumably because you didnt add nameservers yet.

I’d open a support ticket with Cloudflare in this case.

Thank you. I dont know about the active status but I have received mail from the registry saying that my domain is active now. In fact they manually check for each nameserver changes. My registry is ERNET ( The service for their own nameservers is a paid one and I didnt know that before registering. I thought it would be like any other registrars. Since I need to host it on blogger, so I have added the Cloudflare’s nameservers. Thanks again for your help. I really appreciate.

Its status is still inactive and that is probably the reason for the message you receive from Cloudflare. Only support can help in this case.

I have submitted request for change of nameservers to a free host now. After it has been activated, I will update the NS to Cloudflare’s. Following which, I can add A and CName records. Hope that works.

That should probably work too.

May I ask something later if needed in this thread itself?

Sure :slight_smile:

If it is completely unrelated to the topic at hand I’d open another thread however.

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Hi @laghss.shillong, to ensure lee and june are correct, please login to your existing Cloudflare account and select +Add a site from the overview page and add the domain to Cloudflare. (If you add the domain as a new account, you’ll get different name servers and lee and june won’t know what to do. If you don’t add the site, lee and june won’t know what to do.)

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