Domain Hijacked

Good evening…

I’m not sure where to post this so hopefully someone will help me out and move it to the right spot.

A domain I own has been hijacked and now appears to redirect to an eBay UK page.

I own .com, .net and .org for the same name. The .org, which I don’t use for anything, is the one that’s been hijacked. It’s hosted on, but with Cloudflare name servers.

Clearly, I’d like to get it back and have it redirect to my main domain.


Thanks in advance.

Neil R.

You’ll need to contact your registrar to modify name servers and a good idea to change your password at the same time. What is the domain?

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The domain I use is

Not clear what you mean by modify my name servers. They’re already set to Cloudflare name servers.

Will change passwords, he said, slapping his forehead because it’s so obvious he should do that.


– n

In your Cloudflare Dashboard, select, the DNS tab, scroll to the bottom and verify Cloudflare Nameservers are
If those are correct NS, go to the Page Rules tab and check to see if a Page Rule is redirecting your site to that other page.
Let us know if there are no Page Rules or if the Name Servers under your DNS tab are different.

Nameservers are all good, and there are no Page Rules.

Through my 1and1 dashboard, I did try to redirect it to, but that didn’t work.

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The DNS Records page shows that points to When I go to that page, I get a “403 Forbidden” error message.

Don’t know if that’s relevant, but figured I should tell you.

– n is a *domain in Amsterdam.

Yes, it is. No idea how it ended up having anything to do with me.
What do I have to change?

Should I put the IP address listed for my .com domain?

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I’m assuming that it’s an \A record pointing to that other site and if it is, then I would point your parked .org domain to the same IP as your your .com domain.

Just chiming in that it works for me from sunny Australia, if that helps. goes to ‘Neil Reisner’s Place’, and redirects to which looks like what you’d probably expect?

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