Domain health report by MxToolbox

I’ve check my domain health report on mxtoolbox and got this one with 9 warnings.
What can I do about these to make sure my email address is well protected?

The “reverse DNS” warning you can ignore, many SMTP servers have a banner name that won’t match the reverse DNS when they are on hosting provider servers or ISP connections. Mail servers may have a banner like but the reverse DNS is like

The SOA warnings you can also ignore, those values are set by Cloudflare (assuming you are using Cloudflare DNS for your domain) and the warnings just say those don’t match a format that some people suggest to standardise on. It’s no problem that they don’t.

So that leaves the 2 DMARC warnings, which is telling you your DMARC records don’t tell mail servers what to do with email that doesn’t match requirements (either reject it or put into a spam folder).

If you give the domain, people can look and advise.

Thanks a lot. My domain is timdenning(dot)com. Is it something we need to set up inside our google account?