Domain has "unknown" registrar even tho all other domains show fine

When I wanted to transfer a domain to Cloudflare Registrar did I notice that the Registrar shown for the domain was “unknown”, despite it being registered on Namecheap and previous domains being listed just fine.

Could a reason be that the domain is less than 60 days old, or that there might be WHOIS guard active (Second one is pretty unlikely as I didn’t see any setting for the domain indicating this).

That could be it. Cloudflare seems to have some sort of lookup table that’s not always up to date, so it’s possible there’s something different in WHOIS, such as a unique TLS/Registrar combination.

Is something broken, or are you just curious?

Kind of both as the domain I wanted to transfer shows up in “Unable to transfer”, probably because it’s either an unsupported TLD, although I doubt that as .ch should be pretty common, the “unknown” registrar thing, or because it’s less than 60 days old.

Cloudflare Registrar has no support currently for ccTLDs like .ch. (Although it’s offen requested.) the complete list is here.

Other than that, you cannot transfer any domain within 60 days of registration or transfer, as per ICANN rules.

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