Domain has not propagated after 12 hours

I’ve moved several websites in the past two weeks, all of whom had domain names set up in Cloudflare. The domain name propagation has normally been almost instantaneous.

The latest one has not propagated in over twelve hours, at least according to the web host. This is a web host that I have not used before. With this particular web host, they provide you with a temporary domain name and once the site has been migrated, you then change the domain name from the temporary to the intended/permanent domain name.

When I do that, the system looks to see if the domain name as propagated and it’s still telling me that it is not, Before I contact the web host, how can I verify whether there is a problem with the propagation or not?

The site is (removed) and the IP address for the web server is (removed).

That site is currently proxied by Cloudflare, so that IP address won’t show up.

If they’re waiting for that IP address, you’ll have to use the “Pause Cloudflare on Site” option from the Overview page, then wait 5 minutes for it to propagate. Once you get everything set up at the host, you can un-pause Cloudflare.

Thank you for your prompt reply. I went ahead and did that and I’ll check again in a few minutes. Can you help me understand why that step (pausing cloudflare) is needed? Like I said, I have moved several other sites recently without a hitch… the only difference being that this host operates a bit differently in the way that I noted. Is there documentation that I can read on the subject?

Everything appears to be working perfectly now; thank you very much!

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