Domain has not been activated after 3 days and I'm losing customers

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What is the domain name?

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Cloudflare shows ‘Pending Nameserver change’ but nameservers are changed as shown below

What steps have you taken to resolve the issue?

  1. Reset nameservers

Other than the domain was just registered, I can’t see anything obvious (aside from no SOA which is due to the site not being active on Cloudflare yet)…

Just double check to be sure…

  1. Those are the nameservers requested for your domain. They may differ between domains in a Cloudflare account or if you have deleted the domain from Cloudflare and added it back they may have changed. Check at the bottom here…

  2. Check you have spelled the domain correctly when adding it to Cloudflare (typos are easily overlooked).

  3. Add a record to the Cloudflare DNS if you don’t have at least one already. Not sure if this does anything, but creates something for the zone file.

  4. If not done already, you can try to delete the domain from Cloudflare, then add it back in. You may get a new set of nameservers to set at your registrar.

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Thanks for the reply. I have added a few records yep, checked the spelling a few times already (for my own sanity haha).

I am going to contact my registar as well, see if its an issue on their end.

Also going to try to delete the domain.

Just an FYI, I deleted the domain from cloudflare, set new nameservers and it was fine within a few minutes.

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