Domain has moved and is no longer active on Cloudflare


My domain has 4 ns records, first two are glen and linda and the other two are my own dns server, in Cloudflare I get the has moved and is no longer active on Cloudflare. message but it also shows that glen and linda are the ns, how can I fix this ? thanks

thanks :slight_smile:

You need to remove the nameservers which are not Cloudflare’s at your registrar.

Thank for your fast response :).
I want to use both, for those records that are not in Cloudflare, I might have them in my dns server, it is working fine, the only issue is what the Cloudflare panel shows, would like to get it straight without having to renounce my dns server. is it possible ?

Cloudflare needs to be the only DNS server in your config, it’s a requirement of the service.

All your DNS records should be on any authoritative NS. If a client asks an authoritative nameserver for and it responds it doesn’t exist, it won’t turn around and ask another authoritative nameserver if it exists.

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