Domain has been temporarily removed from Cloudflare

Hello Community,

Once again I was banned from the platform without understanding what term I am violating.

Last time it was something related to caching, but in order to prevent this from happening again, I added a page rule where I informed cachelevel = bypass.

Can you help me again?

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I make an assumption (based on your username) that the issue was not that you were caching excessively, but that you were delivering video through the service, which is in contravention of 2.8 of the Terms of Service:

Put the video through a separate :grey: hostname and this eliminates the potential for violation on that clause.


Hi @playtvserver, sorry for the issues. Best bet is to open a Support ticket, please share the number here and I’ll make sure it’s in the proper queue. Please reply to any automated response you receive.

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thank u!!

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Hi @cloonan,

Support ticket : #1839726
Report ticket : #4162211

I created a rule so that it is not cached at all just so as not to violate this rule. -> cachelevel=bypass

You may want to take the approach suggested by @michael to make sure you’re not risking violation. I see 1839726, can you reply to the autoreply and indicate you’re still having issues?

Greetings Community (=

It is possible to configure DNS as follows:

my_domain -> IP -> active proxy

my_domain -> IP: Any_port -> inactive proxy

Another question: If I disable the proxy, do I stop enjoying the features of the Cloudflare platform such as DNS ANYCAST?

@cloonan @michael @thedaveCA @MarkMeyer

:wave: @playtvserver,

No it’s not. Either an IP resolved to a Cloudflare IP address and it is proxied/rejected or points to the origin.

Unless you are any casting your own origin IP address yes.

If you want to stream video content through :logo: you need a plan / service which supports that. So either using Cloudflare’s stream video or stream delivery.

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