Domain has been suspected of phishing or malware

All bug has been fixed on site
But the error still appears on the page cloudflare

How can the problem be solved?

Note yesterday there were several errors, but it seems that the error has been fixed
And the rest of one mistake
How to fix it

I have another problem:

My site was added to the blacklist:

How can I remove the site from the blacklist?

Hi @pcashraf2020,

The status there is ‘in review’, so I would guess you said you fixed it and requested a review. Only T&S can assist with this, I’m afraid.

When is the response?
There is an external problem: My site was added to the blacklist
Is there a solution according to your experience?

Hi @pcashraf2020, the input from @domjh is spot-on. In the meantime, it’s probably tagged as such in cf as a result of being on the blacklists, you could start with McAfee and Norton to remove the domain from their lists while awaiting a reply.

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Yes, I submitted requests at McAfee + Norton

And wait for a response

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