Domain has been removed from my account without an obvious reason


Hello everybody,

I have a domain that worked fine with Cloudflare since a while.

  • On 2019-01-29 the domain expired.

  • On 2019-02-06 I got a mail telling me that, The name-servers for the domain no longer point to Cloudflare and the DNS records will be completely removed from Cloudflare’s system in 7 days.

  • On 2019-02-17 I renewed the domain, my domain’s name-servers already set to “” & “” (I changed nothing in Cloudflare) and since then it worked fine again.

  • Suddenly today at 2019-03-17 06:06:55 (GMT+2) the domain was removed from my account without any prior notice.

Why has the domain been removed from my account although it was working fine for a month after the renewing?

Note: I’ve added it again.

Thank you in advance,


Considering you renewed it four days after the announced removal date there is a good chance your domain was already scheduled for removal.


Shouldn’t the system on Cloudflare cancel the purge schedule if
the site backed online again between the delete stage and purge ?


Depends on the procedure in such a case. Whats the domain?


Domain removed to avoid SPAM.


All right, yes, the domain was moved away from Cloudflare at the end of January and came back mid-February.

My assumption at this point would be there are no further checks once the domain has been definitely scheduled for removal (after the grace period has passed). I cant tell whether there is still some option to cancel it in the UI or if you had to contact support.

Considering that you have re-added it I would assume everything should be fine now, but I would open a support ticket if you want a definite answer and want to know what you should do next time.


OK, please do it, We need to understand what had happened, and maybe there is a something could be enhanced by Cloudflare team if they have considered this situation.

Thank you Sandro


By “I” I meant “you” :smile:


Sorry, I’ve assumed you are one of Cloudflare’s official support team :grinning:.


Nope, a standard Cloudflare user just like yourself :slight_smile:

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