Domain has been deleted

it looks like somehow my domain has been deleted from Cloudfare, How do i go about getting this re-instated.?

Was it set to use Cloudflare’s name servers? You would have received an email if it wasn’t.

You might also see the delete event in the Audit Logs section of the Cloudflare dashboard.

Typically, if you add a domain back into your account, all the settings will come back with it. I’m not sure about the DNS records, though.


hi, I have re-added my site but i am now getting a message on the dashboard the my site is not pointing to the CF namservers. I have a done a whois lookup and can see that that my domain is using CF nameservers… how do i go about rectifying this issue…?

WHOIS says your name servers are gabe and sunny. Is that what’s listed on your DNS page?

yes this is what appears on the DNS page

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