Domain Godaddy - Cloudflare - AWS (Redirect Page)

I have my domain in godaddy I add the name of NS from cloudflare to godaddy, now in cloudflare I add in the DNS a record A with the ip where my instance is (AWS) but I enter my domain and it does not load the page

What’s the domain?

I’m seeing a countdown page with a video background. Is this incorrect?

that is correct, but it has sometimes not shown

That screen doesn’t look like the site isn’t going through Cloudflare. If there’s a timeout, Cloudflare presents a 524 error screen. It’s most likely a DNS issue that needs time to work itself out.

How long as the site been on Cloudflare?

today the change was made to Cloudflare

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DNS takes up to 48 hours to fully propagate.

ok, I’ll wait for that time thanks.

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