Domain getting blocked, but cloudflare pages doesn't

hello, some people cannot directly access my domain but some people can access the pages subdomain,, i have tried switching to a new VPS, and some people still are not able to access the site for some reason. I have put on virustotal when we had it pointing as a CNAME to the pages subdomain, it gave 4 false positives

but the subdomain itself is fine, i can share the virustotal links.

Same thing with too. I need this fixed and this never used to happen before. My guess is some internet providers are blocking our sites for this weird reason. i believe the issue is related to cloudflares domains or something, just a guess, but help would be greatly appreciated

please help it’s really annoying

Neither or are proxied through Cloudflare. They only use Cloudflare for DNS. Ergo this is not an issue with Cloudflare

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but what am i supposed to do then? some people even with normal windows defender get the domain blocked some how

As mentioned in your previous thread the block is from Bitdefender. If you use a search engine (I recommend DuckDuckGo) and search something like bitdefender false positive you’ll find a link on which you can submit your URL(s) for analysis and removal.

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