Domain from Google and Website hosted on Godaddy

Need help in setting up the DNS records for Cloudfare.

My domain is with google and I have hosted the website with godaddy. The website is currently active. I now want to update the DNS records for Cloudflare. What will be the steps to do so and will it impact the hosting of the website?



Thank you for asking.

May I ask, before moving your domain name to your Cloudflare Account and before changing the nameservers, is your Website working over a HTTPS connection and do you have a valid SSL certificate provided and installed at your GoDaddy Hosting?

I am asking this because there were few topics and a recent one here where user is having some issues with SSL and GoDaddy hosting:

May I ask, is domain registered at Google Domains, meaning you can manage nameservers for your doman name at Google Domain interface (as it’s your domain registrar)?

May I suggest the below articles for more information how to successfully manage DNS records at Cloudflare:


May I suggest you to take a look at the below tutorials how to get started with Cloudflare for your website:

I will try to make it short:
I see you already have a domain name which is great and it’s also working over HTTPS.
Next what you would have to do is to sign-up for an Cloudflare account.
Furthermore, upon successfully signing-up, you add your domain name to your Cloudflare account.
In the process of adding your domain name to your Cloudflare account, Cloudflare would scan your existing DNS records and add them (you can always edit them later in case one is missing) you will be given with the assigned Cloudflare nameservers to which you have to switch from your existing ones at your domain registrar to make sure Cloudflare services and feature would work.
Nevertheless, this process usually takes up to 24 hours, but sometimes it could take a bit longer.
After Cloudflare verifies the change, you will see the “success notification” at the Overview tab of Cloudflare dashboard for your domain name and also receive an e-mail which would state Cloudflare is active for your domain name.
After that, you would continue to re-check things from above linked articles like DNS records being proxied and set to :orange:, check e-mail records and MX record to make sure your e-mail continues to work propperly, therefore check the SSL settings and set to Full (Strict) SSl , later on enable the features on the Speed & Optimization, you can also configure custom Firewall Rules and Security options and so on.

Well, I think it depends as far as for few hosting providers.
May I ask in which context?
Usually no, but if so, you can correct the DNS records and set the to unproxied :grey: (DNS-only). That way, the propagation process goes smoothly without any interruption.
Upon success (24-48 hours), you can change some DNS records (like A www and A to proxied :orange:) and see if any differences, error or some issues with accessing / connection appear.

In best case scenarios, we make sure our origin host/server firewall allows Cloudflare to connect to it:

Nevertheless, Cloudflare IP addresses list can be found here:

In case of any issues, please feel free to reply to this topic so we could discuss further and help you with them :slight_smile:

My website is not working over HTTPS and I do not have an SSL certificate.
Yes, I can manage Name servers on google domains.
As I had updated the name servers on google to point it to the GoDaddy hosting name servers, I was not sure how to add Cloudflare NS to wither google domains or godaddy.

Sorry for the slow response… I was away for a funeral. Reading your response was a little hard to follow for “Next Steps” to try because Fritex already had me do most of that earlier. He is also the person who suggested I contact you… He did find the problem interesting. :blush:

Here is that thread.

I am an advanced NOVICE, so my troubleshooting skills/understanding —even with help, might be frustrating for the people trying to help me. Sorry.

I ended up removing my site from Cloudflare last week and reset my DNS in cPanel to GoDaddy’s default.

GoDaddy encouraged me to re-try Cloudflare, but wait 24 hours–just in case. He said he has helped several GoDaddy clients who use Cloudflare and had good things to say about it.

He never saw this issue and could not find the problem on his end. He was the best support I have had with GoDaddy. He tried troubleshooting using both GoDaddy server and Cloudflare variables.

I started fresh. I had the site up and running without SSL—getting the warning about it not having SSL with browsers. GoDaddy confirmed all prior Certs were removed, I believe they made 1 self-signed so I could access the site. I waited 24-hours and set-up Cloudflare again following the walk through. I generated a new Cert and revoked the old-- and did not have any errors.

My DNS records have been setup in Cloudflare.

The 525 error came back. It is intermittent. If you are on the 525 error page and hit refresh several times that page will slowly load. Links on the page will have the same issue when clicked. Refresh will fix that as well.

I tried Strict, Full and Flexible, none worked.

Today, I went to the site. I did not get a 525 error, but BitDefender flagged it as dangerous. When I said go anyway, it took about 15 seconds to load, but it loaded and LINKS worked without errors.

The problem is reproducible, but the outcome changes on a daily basis.

Fritex had me check the site here and it shows SSL Cert Errors that I do not understand.

Can you give me “Next Steps” to try? Sorry if you already did, it got lost in the thread for me.

Gary DZ

Edit/Update withing this thread.

I just shut off all Proxy and turned them back on— and this time it seemed to load normally without error.

I will try that again later today. Maybe someone working behind the scenes corrected it???

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It seems to be working now… not sure what the problem was or how it was resolved.

I want to thank everyone who helped me try to fix it… I learned a lot along the way.

Fingers crossed it does not happen again.




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