Domain forwarding to another account

How do I forward one cloudflare domain to another site that is on cloudflare?

I had a client that got a domain from your site. I want to forward it to
the website I built that is on my DNS with Cloudflare.

I’ve set up the rules to do so but I can’t seem to find out how to get this to
forward over.

It says pending nameserver update for the site

I simply just want to forward the domain.

I have the login in need be.


If the domain was purchased from Cloudflare, then the domain will automatically be using Cloudflare’s nameservers assigned to that domain.

It seems you added the site to your own Cloudflare account, and not your client’s account used to purchase the domain. This won’t work.

The forwarding needs to be done from the account that has the domain, since you can’t change the nameservers of a Cloudflare Registrar domain.

You could instruct your client what to do, or ask them to share access to the domain in question with you. NB: Delegated access can be scoped to the individual domain, and not the entire account. Please see: Manage account members · Cloudflare Fundamentals docs

I have access to the account but can’t get it to forward.