Domain Forwarding Not Working - Teachable


I am trying to forward my domain tomsrockinguitar to a specific page on my Teachable site -

I had the domain originally connected to Teachable but I have disconnected it because I want it to point to this new URL.

I’ve set up forwarding but nothing is happening. (see forwarding settings below)
IF THE URL MATCHES - *tomsrockinguitar
THEN, THE SETTINGS ARE - Forwarding URL - Permanent Redirect

Here are my DNS settings (see below)

GoDaddy is my domain provider. What are my next steps?

Thank you for your help!

It’s redirecting to SagutoGolf.

However, since your records are set to DNS only, any Cloudflare settings are ignored.

Thank you for the prompt reply, Mark!

It is directing to SagutoGolf but I would like it to direct to a particular page on my site. I tried it with the Cloudfare Proxy ON earlier today but no luck.

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