Domain Forwarding. I need Help

I want to be able to have domain forwarding on so when anyone tries going on to and they are automatically redirected to my website as this is my main domain and the only domain that has a website on it. How can i do this.

I’ve put these settings in for one of my domains but when i go on internet it doesnt redirect me to what have i done wrong

You are missing the DNS entries. Rather go with the archived content than the link.

these are my dns records what am i missing.

what should i do instead

You don’t have an A or AAAA record for Even though there’s no website, a record is needed to pass requests to Cloudflare so your redirect can be made.

Add an A record, use name @ (will show as when saved) and set it to (a dummy value) and proxied.

Did you follow the tutorial?

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