Domain Forwarding for Domain registered with Cloudflare

Sorry if I have missed something.

I have had a Cloudflare account for a while using the free service for one site. Today I transferred the domain registration of that site and four other domains I own from GoDaddy to Cloudflare. The transfer went smoothly. Each domain has been added as a Cloudflare site and all are active.

Two of the domains were parked at GoDaddy and had domain forwarding as follows: for the first domain to an external domain, and the second to one of the of the other GoDaddy registered domains.

How do I do this in Cloudflare?

I had a look at the help page for setting up page rules for domain forwarding, but frankly it is way too technical. Still - I tried this rule for one domain which doesn’t work: 301 permanent redirect to$1

Error: “Page Rule validation failed: See messages for details. (Code: 1004)”

There was no message?

I can’t give the 2nd example as forum rules limit me as a newbie to two urls in a post :frowning:

Any assistance would be appreciated.


Whats the domain and can you post a screenshot of the page rule you are trying to set up?

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Thanks for the quick response.

Domain is

Strange now that I used my phone’s browser to take a screenshot of the entries, the rule was created even though the entries were exactly the same as in my PC browser. See attached.

But redirection does not work - it resolves to:

Thanks for your help

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Your page rule is not clearly visible. Can you post a proper screenshot?

The redirect works however, except for the www host, which - as far as it seems from what is decipherable from your screenshot - is not set up.

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