Domain forwarding + duplicating DNS settings

I want to transition everything currently used in one domain over to a new domain. The current domain is in cloudflare, The new domain is in Namecheap since CF does not offer .AI domains. I want to move (or duplicate) the current DNS settings into the new domain on Namecheap and then redirect the old domain 9n Cloudflare to the new one.
How do I accomplish this?

You can still add a .ai domain to Cloudflare, even though you can’t register it using Cloudflare Registrar.

Either way, to do a redirect, create a redirect rule here…

Copy this example…

Make sure you have a DNS record for the domain you are redirecting from in your Cloudflare DNS; use a proxied dummy value of A or AAAA 100:: as the domain is being redirected and there’s no real origin server.

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